Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Deal at Whole Foods: $2.50 salad

The truth is that Whole Foods, or "Whole Paycheck" as the funny people like to call it, is too damn expensive, and most of their prepared food just isn't that good anyway and we've got a Trader Joe's, so no big loss... But this $2.50 goat cheese salad is just fantastic. Made with sweet pecans, dried cranberries, and 2 chunks of crumbly goat cheese, you probably couldn't get a better price buying those ingredients on your own, and then you'd have to be in the mood for like ten salads, and this health kick is probably only going to last another day or two. Look for this and other moderately good deals in the "2 for $5" boxes. The salads look little in the box, but perk up to a respectable meal size in your bowl.

Tip: Little boxes of salad are a great place to hide your birth control!

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