Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Turn those winter blues pink

We admit that we have only experienced a handful of local tanning salons, but when we laid eyes on Tanlines it was love at first sight. The bright pink exterior is indicitive of the delights which await you inside. The staff is incredibly friendly, the waiting area is fully stocked with magazines and the pricing system is WAY superior to the competition (Hollywood Tans, we're looking at you). At Tanlines you pay by the minute, rather than by visit, which for our Seasonal Affective Disorder needs works out to be the much cheaper option. (It's probably cheaper for any tanning needs, really.) We're not looking for a sunburn, just a little Vitamin D. We enjoy the standup option as opposed to the bed, due to what was probably an urban legend about MRSA. You don't have to touch as many surfaces with as many body parts. The music is fine, it's 96.5 or 95.7 or something. Or maybe there's a "Tanning Salon" station on DMX Radio. They all seem to play the same crappy pop music. But who cares, in just minutes you'll be tan and happy!

So, if you're feeling down, or just way too white, check out Tanlines at 60 South Street in very scenic West Hartford. It's near West Hartford Yoga, if you want to kill two birds with one... trip to Elmwood.

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