Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Phallic Artistry: Blue Back Update!

The West Hartford Art League is working hard to save Blue Back Square's public art horses. You remember - these horses? The ones that look like frollicking Cocks N' Ballses?

An article in the Hartford Courant shed some dim light on the situation. Apparently $20,000 in donations to the art league paid for the sculptures, created by Peter Busby, who is clearly a peenhound, but somehow they are now owned by another artist, Karen Peterson, who wants to keep all that horse/cock to herself now, or actually, wants to sell them for $42,000 apiece, which would bafflingly be tax deductible. It must be penis appreciation month! That's value.

Anyway, keeping hideous pubic (sic, haha) art is obviously a pretty big priority "in times like these," so good luck WHAL.

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