Thursday, December 10, 2009

Friday Night Default: The Spigot

Cheap Drinking @ The Spigot, Hartford

This and every Friday we may just find ourselves drinking at the Spigot Cafe, a watering hole whose abundant charms include darts, the jukebox, no cover charge, and vintage sports paraphernalia all over. Oh, and a cooler with like a hundred different bottled drinks, including that He-Brew crap for the kosher fetishists, and for us, at least four different ciders(!), which are $2.50 apiece Friday nights. The crowd is usually pretty vanilla, but one time CT Scenic met a handsome (taken) intellectual punk there, and many (more than three) former Hartford Advocate employees have been spotted at the bar over the years. So, basically, it's where you're drinking if you're thinking. Or you can't afford anything else.

1 comment:

  1. When I was younger I thought this place was boring.Now when it's 90 degrees out and their ac is freezing cold and the place is smattered with a half dozen geriatrics silently staring at the ball game. I get it.