Saturday, December 5, 2009

Irish Times In New Britain

For a couple of pale, depressed antisocialites, we here at CT Scenic really put ourselves out there last night, beginning with the excellent party at the brewery and the discovery of our newest favorite beer, Hooker's seasonal Nor'easter, and continuing on with a journey to New Britain Ancient Society of Hibernians to see a friend play with an Irish band, Calley McGrane & the Exiles.
We're thinking we'd like to visit cultural clubs more often. The price was right (free), the crowd was friendly and enthusiastic, and the drinks were large and inexpensive. In addition to what we assume was Irish traditional music, the band flaunted their indie cred with covers of tunes by the Decemberists and the White Stripes, and it must be said that Calley is a quite a fox.
And we thought this sign in the bathroom was about the most charming thing in the world. What can we say? We respect practicality and realism.

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