Saturday, December 5, 2009

Get down with some Hookers

The Hooker Brewery Open House turned out to be just as awesome as expected. For $10 you get a pint glass and all the Hookers you can handle. We tried the Irish red, the Pale Ale and our new favorite, the "Nor'easter" Seasonal Lager. If you wanted to take a Hooker home with you, there were growlers, which I think are about 64 oz., for $10. There was plenty of Hooker merch for sale. Naturally, most of it was branded with some form of hooker joke.

Sometimes we all need a Hooker. If you needed something more substantial to supplement your Hooker, there were slices of Harry's BC pizza for $2, or cheese samples provided by Cabot Vermont. (The chipotle and horseradish cheddars were quite good.) For legal reasons or whatever, the event had to include a "tour", so at one point one of the brewmasters got up on a table and pointed out the fermenting tanks. They didn't seem particularly interesting until some engineers we met attempted to figure out the physical properties involved.

We left around 7p, only slightly more knowledgeable about the brewing process, and by that time the place was pretty packed. Although it was crowded, there were two different bar areas, so you never had to wait too long for a refill. The Open House is held on the first and third Friday of every month, from 5-8. It's definitely worth checking out.

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