Thursday, December 31, 2009

Scenic Coffee in Avon

I've driven past The Coffee Trade in Avon about a zillion times, and though the concept of coffee and antiques in one adorable little shop is intriguing, it also sounds a little icky. Is the coffee antique? No, no it isn't. A rather large bird told me to check it out - that they roast their own beans right in the shop and the interior is impeccable. I arrived just on time to get an action shot of the beans spewing out of the roaster, which is pretty impressive looking and smelling. Doesn't it look kind of like a choo-choo? Adorable hand drawn signs at the coffee counter describe a variety of enticing, fluffy flavored espresso drinks, but I opted for a simple coffee so I could try the house roast, a light roast. Although I was completely charmed by the locale, the friendly staff and the coffee bean cascade, the drink itself was just ok. It certainly doesn't compete with that cute new shop at West Hartford Center. The Coffee Trade also has a few rooms full of antiques, sparkly trinkets, novelties, and gourmet teas, cookies and candies, but they're pretty pricey. As much as I would enjoy a set of Oriental rug coasters, I'm not paying $20 for them. Look, I could have them for like $13. I'll wait til they turn up at the Lot.

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