Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shouldn't you have known better than to drink raw milk?

We're sorry that kids suffered, but really parents, what the hell were you thinking? According to the Hartford Courant, two West Hartford families are suing Whole Foods and Simsbury's since defunct Town Farm Dairy because their children became sick due to E. coli present in the raw milk they bought. Just to review, the reason we buy milk and pretty much everything we drink pasteurized, is because the process kills off most of the potentially harmful bacteria which are naturally present on and in cows and their milk, including E. coli. Basically, it gets the levels down, but of course there's all kinds of nasty shit leftover, and that's why milk spoils so quickly.

An attorney for the families claims the raw milk was not adequately labeled to warn buyers of possible risks associated with drinking bacterial cow punch. Well, maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, we weren't there, but we wouldn't drink that shit, and hope these kids will go on to sue their parents at a later date. We'll stick to our soy juice, thanks.

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