Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scene at RAW: Eats by Alchemy

You can see all the happy drinkers on the FB gallery, but this month's Creative Cocktail Hour deserves a little writing up for bringing it with the food, art and musical guests. I'll start with the food.

The fine folks from Alchemy Juice Bar had some interesting snacks to sample, which they claimed were alive, or "live." OMG ZOMBIE FOOD. They had this interesting torture device/juicer churning out wheatgrass shots, which tasted very much like you would expect something called wheatgrass to taste like. It's supposed to have all kinds of magical properties.

There were plates of veggies to dip in walnut pate, which was indescribably tasty in a fresh and mild way, and bore a physical resemblance to tuna salad (a gauche food they wouldn't be caught dead serving). The kale chips looked more like garnish than anything you'd want to eat - like crinkled up leaves - but tasted great too and had a light crispy texture, as a chip should.

Best off all was the fudge (also "live"), which was a controlled substance ("take one"). It was so decadently rich... I took two. One for me and one for the blog... I'm going to need some more. There was also some delicious nondairy ice cream substitute made from cashews, in a variety of flavors, which was also ridiculously rich and amazing. Presumably you can buy such things at Alchemy (they also have a box o' produce bulk buying program they were telling me about which avid juicers should look into). A field trip is definitely in order.

As of this writing, Alchemy's website is not behaving. They're on New Britain Ave. in Hartford You've driven by there on the way to the Webster and wondered how such a business can possibly have survived in that neighborhood.

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