Monday, May 31, 2010

First Week Fun

Thursday, June 3: Art After Hours @ Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford
Friday, June 4: First Friday @ New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain
Friday, June 4: Open House @ Thomas Hooker Brewery, Bloomfield
Sunday, June 6: Women's Party @ Tisane, Hartford

Hey, shit, look, another month is gone. You're older now, you can't get that time back, but at least that means it's time again for "First Week" events (and then Seconds, and - our favorite - Thirds).

(DJ Breakadawn - can we say schwing!)

Thursday night it's the monthly Art After Hours at the Wadsworth. This month will feature new art by Justin Lowe (an exhibit intriguingly titled Werewolf Karaoke, which we think is something we've seen IRL), a band called Psychic Ills, our sexy DJ friend Breakadawn (totally know her), participatory graffiti, and "Badass Movie" Herb and Dorothy. Um, try again, Wadsworth. That movie is about some old-ass Jews with an art collection, and we suffered through the trailer like a gillion times at Real Art Ways a few months back. Hardly badass. But the rest of that stuff sounds dope.

If that wasn't enough arty party for you, the next night New Britain Museum of Art has their First Friday thingie, which will feature live music by the Laid Back Jazz Quartet. We assume they play Laid Back Jazz, which is not our favorite thing ever, but certainly beats popular CT genres Lackluster Nu-Rock or Aging Hot Chick-fronted Covers any day.
First Friday is also the usual beer party - or "Open House" - at our favorite local brewery, Hooker, where you can sample their various brews, get an informative tour, and experience for yourself the expression "smells like a brewery."

In what is proving to be a grand tradition for local "not gay" establishments, there is no mention of "First Sunday" on Tisane's website, but we know it's a "women's party" and we'll be there enjoying those funny colored cocktails for sure. Their drinks are so sweet n' tasty, you could feed 'em to your kids! That is, if you have them, you stupid breeders.

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