Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RAW CCH: Ultra Gay Edition

Thursday, May 20: Creative Cocktail Hour feat. Gene Dante & the Future Starlets @ Real Art Ways, Hartford

We are infinitely enthusiastic about the Creative Cocktail Hour every month, but this month we love them infinity plus two. We are very excited to see flamboyant, glammy "out" band Gene Dante & the Future Starlets perform.

Check out this gay pride power ballad, "A Madness to His Method." We're liking the poignant Hedwig-esque imagery in the video of an adolescent embracing his queer leanings in front of the mirror. Maybe one day we'll experiment with this makeup thing!

If that was a little too tame for you, try NSFW "C Star" on for size. Dig the pasties and strap-on combo on that video girl - we'll have to try that sometime too!

Over the past month we have made a lot of new connections, including some new friends from RAW's Odd Ball who expressed concern about going back to RAW again so soon. We say pish posh to that - a month is soon?! - and hope to see them/you all dolled up and drinking this Thursday and rocking out to our future favorite band and latest pretend boyfriend Gene Dante.

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