Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday: Metal Up Your Ass

Well, at the Webster, actually, if you want to be exact, but hygienically speaking, same diff-o, amiright?

Satuday, June 5: Prong, Fear Factory @ The Webster, Hartford

(Prong's Tommy Victor is dressed
and ready for the Zen Bar)

This gig will bring together generations of industrial flavored metal fans. Proving that I'm getting old(er), I remember Fear Factory as a hot new band doing some hot "new" thing of mixing electronic and industrial elements with moderately brutal metal, and now they're like old school, which makes Prong like really really old school.

Prong you'll of course remember from their big hit, "Snap your fingers, snap your neck" which got plenty of play on the original Headbangers Ball and was even featured on Beavis and Butthead (love those video segments!). It's really a classic. Here, enjoy:

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  1. Devy shows make me feel old. Back in January, I wound up standing next to people born the same year I got into SYL. Ouch.