Saturday, May 22, 2010

Scene on Stage: Midnight Creeps

Check out my new favorite band the Midnight Creeps. They played on Tuesday at Cafe Nine in New Haven with horror punk legends (i.e. old people) 45 Grave. 45 Grave were pretty cool and came highly recommended, but these Creeps from Rhode Island kind of stole the show, thanks mostly to the antics of frontwoman Jenny Hurricane.

It's so nice to see a band looking like rockstars, and that was Midnight Creeps, with their guyliner and stripes and hipster hair for the boys, and fishnets and hot pants for Ms. Hurricane. Jenny's got ballsy, snarling delivery, and her between-song banter (my favorite part of any show when it's good) was great - whether it was crass introductions to songs about breaking some guy out of jail only to find him boning his cellmate and whatnot, or blowing juicy snot rockets and hawking phlegm and apologizing for having a cold. What a trooper! Speaking of troopers - playing Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" for a finale sealed the deal for me. Love them.

Looks like Midnight Creeps have a busy summer schedule with dates all over the country. Next opportunities to see them in our area... um... never... couple of shows in Providence and Massachusetts in August. Hope something else comes up before then!

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