Friday, May 28, 2010

Everyone Loves A Dong

A Dong Asian market in Elmwood, that is! Where was your mind going?

While I was waiting for some work on my car, I took a stroll across the street to the Asian grocery superstore. In the past I've shopped here for chopsticks and soup spoons like the ones in the restaurants (really, no one should eat hot soup with a metal spoon again). This day I was just looking for some exotic snacking.

I bought a pack of "Roasted Mix Nuts" from Japan, which I had had before, so I knew they were good. These mixed "nuts" include some unidentifiable delicious objects which I believe are other nuts and seeds smooshed up and reconstituted into more aesthetically amusing supernuts. The ingredients include some freaky stuff like "squid flavor" and shrimp, so it's not veg friendly.

Also from Japan, these soft bean cakes look so adorably cartoonish I had to try them. I used to buy a bean cake like product at a grocery in Brooklyn. They weren't that great, but they resembled breast implants in texture and shape, so it was mostly for ha-ha's. These little cakes, which look like big 8-bit graphic fig newtons, taste kind of blandly sweet. I probably wouldn't buy them again. But they sure look cool.

The prize of the day would have to be these weird little "Dafune Rabbit" um... pellets? The "Engrish" text reads amusingly: "How Rabbit Feels?" As a student of animal science, I've learned a thing or two about rabbits, and thing one that rabbit owners should probably know, is that rabbits are coprophagic - they eat their own shit. And this is nutritionally sound business for them. And knowing that the Japanese can be real sickos, my immediate conclusion is that Dafune Rabbit is inviting you to know how rabbit feels when he eats his little round turds at night. Adorbs!

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