Monday, May 10, 2010

Tik Tok Don't Stop: BPort Party Continues

Thursday, May 13: "Join Together with the Bands" @ Acoustic Cafe, Bridgeport

Whilst partying in Bridgeport this past weekend, we became real-life acquainted with our FB friend Julia (this happens almost every time we go out now - awesome!). She is a self-appointed independent cheerleader of the Bridgeport scene, and keeps us up to date on what's happening at great venues in BPort like Acoustic Cafe and Two Boots. Who knew? Friend her up if that's your hood. We hope she doesn't mind the public blog mention, but those 797 people can't possibly all be real-life friends, right?

So thanks, Julia, for letting us know that a nice local band we've been wanting to see, The Mercury Seed, will be playing at Acoustic Cafe's "Thursday Night Music Club," along with other area musicians - T-Bone, Mike Cusato Band, and some other peeps we haven't quite heard of but we're willing to learn.

Julia started out blogging like us, but then moved her game over to FB, which we must admit, is the quick and easy way to communicate and invite. We're gonna try and tough it out as bloggers with an FB component though. FB is quick and easy for sure, but all those invites and friendships and RSVPs seem so fickle and nebulous. As she explained to us on Saturday, she just wanted to make the best out of living in Bridgeport and let people know that they didn't need to leave town to find things to do. That's how we feel about CT in general (hence the blog). If you're complaining there's nothing to do, you're lying, lazy, not trying, or maybe you just don't have a really awesome partner - in crime, that is - to go out with and elevate trips to the Lot or the local bar to a criminally good time. The latter we can't help you with. We also can't help it that, yes, CT is like "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon," wherein "your ex" plays the role of Kevin Bacon and "everyone else you meet" plays the role of Hollywood. Sorry. LOL, Kevin Bacon just played here a few weeks ago. Maybe he did your ex while he was in town. Wouldn't that be ironic?

Whoa, digression much! Point being, we'd like to see the Mercury Seed, Thursday at Acoustic Cafe. Or anywhere else. Repeat listens to their newest CD, Remains, has revealed the strength of the lyrics, which seem to be the post-mortem for a relationship gone sour, where the guy is all sad because couldn't they just have communicated better? OMG, Volker Lemmer, please be our boyfriend?

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