Monday, April 12, 2010

Nice Local Band

Thursday, April 15: The Mercury Seed @ Daniel Street, Milford

The Scenics have never been ones to be taken in by the ordinary. Between the two us we've enjoyed a variety of fringe-y niche music. The subgenre names alone are enough to turn many an ordinary citizen off: Melodic death metal, crust punk, shock rock, goth-a-billy, etc. So when we are presented with pleasant, inoffensive music in popular styles of "rock n roll" we are often at a loss for words to describe said music, and end up sounding condescending by choosing terms like "pleasant," "inoffensive" or "agreeable," because they are, it's true, and really, we mean it in the nicest possible way (OK, Figgs?).

The Mercury Seed are a nice, normal, blues-based alternative-y rock band with members out of NYC & CT. They've been sending professional music journo KS their music for years, and she's always listened to these CDs and in fact enjoyed them thoroughly (i.e. more than once), and hoped for the day they might play a gig local enough for her to support, in spite of their lack of obscene costumed stage shows, blast beats or mohawks. Actually, it appears the Mercury Seed find themselves in the same quandary with regards to self-description:
We're a band you might like. We specialize in classic-sounding rock and roll music. You know, lots of guitars banging away with singing over top. It's pretty good stuff. We've got music for listening and also for sale if you like it. We also play our music in public - and it usually sounds pretty darn close to the CD or MP3 you may have heard already. Let us know if you like any of it.
The Mercury Seed have a brand new record, Remains, and are having a release party for the occasion this Thursday at Daniel Street in Milford. Suzanne Vick and Livintrust will also appear. A release party/show is a great idea. We would also like to suggest making a music video starring CT Scenic with director Spooky Daly...

Here's a vid of the band performing live:

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