Friday, April 9, 2010

Scenic Thursday Night

Citing an aversion to being downtown, Team Scenic opted to meet up at West Hartford's Taqueria Tavern, a casual bar and grille that awkwardly promises "some unique Tavern items in a casual environment not found in Mexico." Indeed, Taqueria does seem to suffer from some identity issues. Like, "Am I a Mexican restaurant, a sports bar, or a prison yard?"

We focused on the restaurant part of that equation and started off by enjoying some adult beverages, including frozen margaritas in such exotic flavors as pomegranate, mango and passionfruit, which were quite tasty, served in pint glasses, and boozy enough to provide detectable buzz. Three quarters of our party was already liquored up, so we scarfed up the chips and salsa service and barely noticed their utterly mediocre texture and taste. We all ordered food items as well, including a "Mexican burger," vegetable quesadilla and a couple of taco plates.

Everything looked lovely and tasted good, and we appreciated flourishes like the fresh avocado slices and pico de gallo, but truth be told, it wasn't any better than a quesadilla variation you might eat at Katie Scenic's house on any given night (seriously, that's all she knows how to make).

After we ate and paid up we took a brief tour of West End bars (in an effort to avoid the temptation of buying up anymore $8 frozen drinks). We found out that Thursday nights are lame as hell at the same bars that are generally hopping on Wednesday nights. Vegas Boulevard was dead and haunted out front by an icky crackhead; we were the oldest people in the half-empty Half Door; the end of the line was Tisane, which was also bleak, but we settled in on the patio with some spiffy drinks - Tom Collinses and a coffee/Bailey's concoction. And then guess what happened?

A whole crew of fashionably dressed sexy people with Jersey Shore worthy poofs rolled in. And we're like "OMG who are these hotties and why weren't we invited to their party?" We had to find out! Well, turns out it was the "CT Stars" from CONNetic Dance Company fresh from their benefit event at the Pond House. So we already know who they are, and they know who we are, and it was this big love fest, and just look at them, they're adorable!

They were really psyched about their event and reported that Sgt. Slaughter was awesome. CONNetic are a company of ballet hipsters (bringing a contemporary edge to classical dance or somesuch). They have an open studio event coming up April 25 at their home base, West Hartford's Ballet Theatre Company. More on that later, as details emerge!

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