Sunday, April 4, 2010

Liquid Lounge: The Alienation Continues

Thursday, April 8: Liquid Lounge @ The CT Science Center

The CT Science Center's Liquid Lounge party returns this Thursday, and the latest description promises shorter lines and a "good experience" for everyone. They must be responding to guests criticisms like this one:

Who was that guy?

Unfortunately their solution seems to be to further discourage malcontents like the Scenics and their complain-y friends from attending by limiting attendance (exact limit not stated), increasing the at-the-door price of admission (tickets are still $10 if you buy them in advance). We believe that eliminating the drink ticket line from the equation would be an equally effective, equitable and more inclusive strategy. This is a Thursday night drinking party, not a concert or a play. We can't commit ourselves in advance. Nor are we willing to commit $15 at the last minute. We like that a free "liquid delight" will be provided to the first 1,000 guests, which responds to bang-for-buck concerns we expressed, though if you end up paying the higher door price, you'll have more than earned it.

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  1. NOT that this inclines me to ever go to this event again (like your commenter above), but according to a 3/25 FB status update from the science center, the drink ticket IS eliminated now. We'll see. Well, not us, but some other people. They'll see.

    The whole flow obviously needs to be rearranged. Turning people away is so silly I can't stand it. The place is frickin' huge! The odd spaces just need to be considered waaayyy differently. It's basic event planning, people, and it's not difficult.