Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Oddball: Bigger, Longer, Uncut

Pardon our sloppy writing, but blogging is hard when you're hungover from the best party ever. From the moment we walked through the sketchy back entrance we didn't even know was there, it was love at first sight. Jesse Jonas stood in for Katie Scenic, as she was in NYC covering other scenic things. It being our first Oddball, we didn't know what to expect. The theme was 'surprises' and there was one around every corner. Already disoriented from the weird entrance, we came upon the Outside Bar:

Are we inside? Are we outside? Who knows! And who cares when our favorite bartender Chris Vincent is there pouring XXXpresso Martinis. Also out there in the wild were the personal trainer hotties from New York Sports Clubs of West Hartford:

The obvious highlight of the evening was the What Cheer? Brigade, "a rowdy 19-piece brass band that combines a punk rock ethos and the mobility of marching bands." They entered the main gallery via the Costume Parade, and set the mood for what was to be a fun fun night. The band made several appearances throughout the night, marching through the galleries and interacting with the crowd. I've never seen a group with so much energy and such an odd assortment of instruments. They also have the world's cutest trombonist.

What is usually the bar became "Candy Land", featuring a selection of penny candy and "Magic Berries". The berries alter your taste buds so that sour foods become sweet. This only confirmed that we were indeed in the middle of a Tim Burton film. There were various gross foods to try; onions, lemons, wasabi. After a magic berry, everything pretty much tasted like candy.

There was a pretty hip lookin' Hookah Den out back, although we did not participate, and a buffet of edible oddities. There were also some multimedia activities; photos in the theatre and the 'Peep Lounge', where you could watch the party through various closed circuit televisions. If all that wasn't enough, there was some serious costume amazingness to check out.

J Scenic hanging out with Kurt, Courtney and a Unicorn:

It wouldn't be Real Art Ways without a phallus! And that basket thing was doing some pretty funny stuff under there:

Wayne and Garth were on the scene:

Sexxxy Tom, lookin' extra sexy:

Jesse Jonas, having a fantastic time:

This guy:

(For more photos, check the FB and of course)

To call this 'party of the year' would be a severe understatement. This year we went as bloggers, but we're already planning some killer costumes for 2011.

Thanks for a great time LB!

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