Sunday, April 4, 2010

Titus @ Toad's

Sunday, April 11: Titus Andronicus @ Lily's Pad (Toad's Place), New Haven

At the end of 2009 I didn't bother trying to come up with any top ten lists for music, movies, whatever, since in a given year I can't exactly be arsed with liking as many as ten new things. But if you wanted to know about the top two or three bands I saw in 2009, Titus Andronicus would be right up in there for sure (along with J. Roddy & the Business, who I only wish had a CT date for me to post about). They have a ragged punk rock delivery with enough elements of introspective indie rock and "literary" lyricism to make them seem deep while they're yelling and flailing. I saw them as the opening act for two shows, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists and Lucero. I know I might undermine my hipster cred here, but both times I thought they blew the headliner away and felt bad for those other guys seeming all kind of bland and tame after the explosive intensity that was TA. I bought their record, The Airing of the Grievances, whose excellent name is just one of the many interesting high and low brow references worked into their song titles and lyrics. I listened to it about a zillion times in the car (it's in the changer right now), and it's always welcome with TA songs pop up on my shuffle when I'm iPod'ing it. I am psyched to see these guys headlining. This show is presented by the ever-tasteful Manic Productions and also features The Babies and My Heart to Joy.

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