Wednesday, April 14, 2010

RAW ready to go again, already

Thursday, April 15: Creative Cocktail Hour @ Real Art Ways, Hartford

Did JS exhaust our supply of Viagra/dick jokes in her excellent write-ups of Friday night's Wilco show and Saturday's Odd Ball? Actually, we just can't get enough, and we've always maintained that every dead horse needs a good beating. So if RAW is ready to go again, so to speak, then we are too. We were afraid they might need a little rest after blowing their wad on the Best Party Ever (i.e. the Odd Ball) over the weekend, but they've got it up already for another Creative Cocktail Hour this Thursday. The event will feature a swing band and include an opening reception for Can't Miss Lime, a solo exhibition by Shawn Huckins, which riffs on materialism, mass production and those paint color cards you get at the Depot (or wherevs). We'll be there, and we'll be sure to call a doctor if it goes on for more than the regularly scheduled four hours.

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