Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chatterly's: Over It

A few months ago I took my maiden voyage to Chatterly's in New Hartford to have a drink while waiting for some peeps. I sat at the bar and talked to some locals and was very charmed by the smalltown-ness of it all. From what I could see, the food looked pretty good, although the service was incredibly sssllloooowwww. I guess when you're the only bar for miles you can do whatever the hell you want.

I went back last night only to be disappointed once again by both the service and the food. Among the table we ordered nachos, wings, a crepe and a tuna app. (insert iphone joke here). The food sucked (I've heard some of their swankier dishes are better, but I'd rather invest in tacos, see below), the drinks were aight and everything was way 'spensive. The last part we at least expected, but we found the contrast between loud bar and too-fancy-for-its-own-good dining to be a little odd. We had a great time anyway, spilled some martinis and reminisced of other wild nights in other crappy CT bars. Then some cover band started playing a song about "morning wood" and we got the hell out of there.

On a brighter note, we were alerted to "$2 Taco Tuesdays" somewhere in Litchfield. Upbeat post on that shit coming soon.

PS. If anyone has a "positive" Chatterly's experience to share, please comment. I want to like this place, I really do.

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  1. Make sure to ask for the secret menu