Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goin' back to Norfolk

Saturday, April 3: Graham Parker @ Infinity Hall, Norfolk

I'm pretty fired up about returning to my favorite high-brow music venue to see Graham Parker. I saw the "pub rock" (whatever that is!) legend play a few years ago at one of those outdoor summer concert thingies and he was charming and witty and self-deprecating and just great. This time he'll be playing with a full band (The Figgs), which is even more exciting. Actually, I totally know what pub rock is, because I saw Nick Lowe play at Infinity, back in October according to my blog, CT Scenic. He was adorable and charming and witty also. Or maybe it's just those British accents and I'm totally shallow. They could just be saying anything.

No, that's not it. I mean, I am... but Graham Parker really is hilarious. Check out his recent Youtube entry:

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