Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh Cromwell, Where Art Thou?

The Scenics had quite the wild, wild Saturday night. After braiding each others' hair, we headed to Tisane to find out where the party was at. From there we were sent on a wild goose chase to find a monthly "Women's Party" which neither Scenic had ever heard of, let alone been to. Our destination was the Rock Cafe in Cromwell, and we had only some sketchy directions and a shrill-voiced GPS to guide us.

The directions were no good, and since we didn't have an actual address, the chick inside the GPS couldn't help us. What were the Scenics to do? After photographing some Cromwell kitsch, we phoned an internets-savvy fan, who researched the wereabouts of said ladyfest. As it turns out, Cromwell has two streets, and we were on the wrong one. (Well, the right one if you are looking for painted cattle and other white-trashery).

We were actually in the wrong town altogether. The bar is on Cromwell Ave, but in Rocky Hill.

The Rock Cafe was all that we could have hoped for. Once you realize that it only looks closed, a burly gentlemen stumbles out of a truck, assures you that he is not actually a lesbian, and then asks you for your I.D. and $7. The cover charge must go toward the 90's time machine they have inside. It plays such hits as Nelly's "Hot in Herre" and "Last Resort" by Papa Roach. The ladies on the dance floor not only knew all the words, but had all the right moves!

As expected, the real party was in the bathroom.

Much like our periods, this party goes down once a month, every third Saturday. The Rock Cafe website has no mention of it, but these photos are proof that it actually happened. Other monthly dyke nights include the infamous Club Lucy, every second Saturday at the Chez Est; First Sundays at Tisane; and Twilo, every fourth Saturday at Parters Cafe in New Haven. Get your gay on, or just take a musical journey back in time.


  1. best line: The cover charge must go toward the 90's time machine they have inside.

  2. I've totally been to this party. Its special!