Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's Hot at the Lot: Everything!

At my advanced age, it is inevitable that much of life's pleasure should for me be reduced to the vicarious - hence: the blog, etc. I want to tell you about great things and relish your enjoyment of them. Almost as if it were my own. So when I found out yesterday that my school-and-carpoolmate had never been to Ocean State Job Lot, we just had to make a stop! (It was totally on our way.) I imagine that for Cynthia, this moment was like that scene in Clerks where Randal falls to his knees at the superior video store - an "aaaahhhh" moment.

It was. She didn't know what to look at first - the gardenware, the orange bathing suits, the orange running shirts - she sure loves orange shit! My most frequented department - the cheap eats - was a hit, of course.

We mostly stocked up on snacks for our horrible, neverending school days, but also made some bargain swim and athletic ware purchases. And seeing the Lot through the virgin eyes of my friend really rekindled the romance for me.

(We got to snacking immediately)

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