Thursday, March 18, 2010

Everybody Dance Now (and by now, we mean later)

Thursday, April 8: Dancing with the Connecticut Stars @ The Pond House, West Hartford

Overlooking the fact that rising CT stars Katie & Jackie Scenic will not be featured as performers (and cannot actually afford to attend), this upcoming evening at the Pond House sounds like a fantastic time - for other people. The event is a benefit for some kind of children's dance charity and is presented by CONNectic Dance Company and the Ballet Theatre Company. So yay, tax deductions, stuff, uh, we don't make enough money to even pay taxes, but more to the point, there will be live music, an open wine bar, and food which will no doubt be delicious. The Pond House Cafe's food is brilliant, and the Elizabeth Park setting is lovely. Maybe we can get gay married there one day... But we digress! The main event will be a dance competition by CT stars, including amusing radio & newspaper guy Colin McEnroe, state senator Jonathan Harris, and most significantly (for us), WWE Hall of Famer and professional role model Sgt. Slaughter. We watched a fair share of wrestling back in his heyday and can hardly believe he'll be dancing with our stars.

OK, this is weird:

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