Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adorable Underground: Saturday @ Artspace New Haven

Saturday March 27: The Smittens and The Wee Bees @ ArtSpace New Haven "Underground"

Tweefort Records is bringing more sickly sweet music to New Haven Saturday night. The Smittens of Burlington, VT play indie pop tunes so adorable - twee, even - you'll want to throw up... err, smile. You'll want to smile. Big. They'll be playing with The Wee Bees, a new shoegaze influenced band out of New Haven, who also seem very nice, the kind of band you'd bring home to mom. We might not normally be able to stomach this, but we happen to be in love right now (with ourselves) so this show of twee might be just the ticket this weekend!

We are psyched about the independent artists, promotor and venue. We are also excited about receiving a press release (which promised booze, a DJ and performance art as well) about this event in our email, just like a real media outlet! Thanks, Tweefort - xoxo.

Check out lots of samples of the Smittens on their homepage, and here they are on youtube crushing on a sexy librarian:

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