Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where are your priorities? Too much to do Saturday...

Previously we've called this kind of decision Sophie's choice for scene sluts, a turn of phrase so witty we have to quote ourselves on it... Anyhoo, this weekend Saturday night is kind of that all over again, only more so, because there's even more enticing sounding events we wish we could somehow simultaneously attend - like in that excellent young adult sci-fi novel from the 80s, The Duplicate by excellent young adult sci-fi writer William Sleator, where the adolescent main character wants to be able to do all the boring crap he has to do and also hang out with his girlfriend, and he finds this weird machine that makes duplicates of things, including living things, and he copies himself, thinking the duplicate is just gonna do his bidding, but the duplicate feels just as entitled to the fun things and the girlfriend, and is just a little bit psychotic (slightly imperfect copy, duh), and, you know... conflict, tension, rising action, climax, resolution. Loved it!

So about Saturday night. We're sure many of you will be attending the latest event and show by the lovely Libertine Collective, Welcome to Bohemia, which will feature music by the Kelvins, Hannah's Field and Kate Callahan (we totally know all of them, and they're really nice), DJ Crypt, something called a Spring Equinox convocation by Dawn Manogue, live painting by Libertine mastermind H.L. Groen, "and more."

We've already strongly suggested checking out Murder By Death at Quinnipiac University. This band is just awesome.

Some of our favored CT musicians have gigs we'd like to attend as well. Like Steven Deal, who is actually playing in NYC, your favorite weekend destination, at a bar with a very poor internet presence called Uncle Mike's. Amusing hard rockers Weird Hero will be playing a gig at the B&G Lounge in South Windsor. We can't remember if this is the quirky band featuring Jay Messier that sings about Ronnie James Dio or the quirky band featuring Jay Messier that sings about beer as a basic life function in Bristol, but either way you win. We'd also like to go to Rudy's in New Haven for Clearlight Industries and Sex and Death USA and delicious Belgian fries.

How to choose? Isn't choosing one like dissing the others? Maybe we'll just stay home talking to the cats and braiding each other's hair.

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