Sunday, August 16, 2009

Scenic New Haven: Punk @ Rudy's

We (two of us, really, not the royal "we" - individual poster accounts are imminent) revisited a piece of our shared adolescence last night at Rudy's, catching up with our old friend Matt Injection, and being pleasantly surprised and yet simultaneously not surprised at all by his two current bands, the Midnightmares and the Pink Slips (for whom this was the final show... for now).

The Midnightmares

The Midnightmares were the pleasant surprise, in that we don't mind now admitting that their MySpace page offerings are pretty much unlistenable, with shrill, inhuman vocals over monotonous riffage. Live, however, vocalist Pixie's tone was mercifully humanoid in quality, and we were utterly charmed by her infinite sass and endless posing. Though must admit to feeling an urge to go all Clinton & Stacy on her ass over that outfit. We would suggest a top that fits, some boob support, and a skirt with some pleat or flare to it. Because we're totally ones to talk. She can keep her bare feet though. That's fucking hard core.

The Pink Slips

Also female fronted, the Pink Slips could be the future of the Midnightmares. The music style was pretty much identical - fast, aggressive, noncommercial punk with shout-sung vocals, but the singer, Vickie, seemed a bit more poised and practiced at her gig. We got a bit nostalgic over the music, which is more or less unchanged from the punk we grew up on, and the punk before that... but our personal tastes have evolved to a level of grown-up picky elitism that doesn't really include this business anymore.

We reflected upon the fact that we were used to seeing punk bands play in DIY all-ages environments, and we wondered whether the "kids today" go out to see these bands or their musical peers at other venues. Rudy's last night was definitely an old(er) punk scene, with a politely seated and clapping audience, apparently mostly friends of the bands, and Pink Slips Vickie cracking jokes about the crime rate in New Haven and the frustrations of health insurance acquisition. We totally relate. Coincidentally, we had just been talking about the same kind of phenomena and topical Hartford humor.

It's like church.

Nevertheless, we were impressed with (and jealous of) the appearance of a vibrant street and night life in New Haven and the prevalence of interesting ethnic and specialist eateries in a neighborhood we don't mind parking or walking in. In spite of what we may have said previously about the boringness of non-sweet potato fries, Rudy's Belgian fries are an irresistible delight. We are not sure what about the Belgian frying process is different, but they are oh-so-flavorful compared to any other typical fries. We shared an order with curry mayo. We also give gluten-free props to Rudy's for stocking two different hard ciders, Original Sin and Woodchuck.

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