Thursday, August 13, 2009

To Do: This Weekend

We've been aware of quite a bit of buzz anticipating this weekend's release of District 9, but we haven't read it all too thoroughly due to a personal preference against having movies entirely spoiled before we've had a chance to actually see them. But basically, it's about ghettoized refuge aliens in Johannesburg, and word is it's "gritty" and "edgy" in substance and style (just the way we like it). We also have a personal preference for uncrowded movie theaters, so maybe we will give it a week, but you don't have to!

Back when we were cute little teenage nonconformists, we went to many an underground show in Connecticut. We will never forget the Vomit Punx reunion gig we felt so honored to attend, and the many shows by the Baltimore Foot Stompers and The Injections that we went to around the state. Well, our favorite Injection, Matt Injection, who used to send us his really cool hand drawn flyers (we'll try and find one and post it) by "snail mail" back before the internet was what it is, and we probably just called it "the" mail... anyway, Matt Injection is playing in some bands, The Midnightmares and The Pink Slips, at Rudy's in New Haven Saturday night. Go there for the music, or go their for the Belgian fries. We'll be sure and report back which dipping sauces we choose. Curry mayo, perhaps?

Just look how punk rock Matt Injection is!

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