Friday, August 7, 2009

To Do: Music & Movies

Ever since the AV Club told us it was fantastic, we've been hoping to see Revanche, which apparently has something to do with prostitutes and other appealing criminal elements. It's a relief to finally find some foreign drama spicing up Real Art Ways' recent palette of depressing documentaries and such (frankly, we're quite depressed enough as it is). We assume you won't mind reading English subtitles, or having a beer with your film, which runs through August 13.

We are also keen on checking out the Wimbash at Sully's Pub on Saturday, an annual musical event hosted by Hartford resident musician Doug Wimbish, which will feature a performance by his band Living Colour, whom we remember fondly from our formative radio-listening years. Relive the archival footage and rainbow of spandex that is "Cult of Personality."

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  1. nice poster. too bad it's too small to read, eh?