Sunday, August 9, 2009

Live Music: Kings X

We've seen Kings X live a bunch of times, and we certainly won't miss seeing them this Tuesday night at the Webster Theatre. The progressive trio have been playing together for a zillion years and it really shows in the live chemistry, which for some reason transcends the hell out of their recordings. Whatever the case, Kings X always blow our mind live. We especially dig that all the band members sing, which really fills out their sound, and sometimes they do this cute instrument-switching thing for an encore.
You may remember Kings X from their brief period of fashionability in the 90s with radio hits "Dogman" and "Black Flag." Do click those links, to see some classic live performances on the Dennis Miller and old Jon Steward shows.
We may have to spring to see Kings X in NYC later this fall when they play some dates with another of our favorite prog bands, Porcupine Tree.

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