Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wimbash - Wow!

We are so glad we tore ourselves away from the rather addictive task of putting together some IKEA furniture and went out last night. It wasn't even our own furniture, but we are a sucker for manual tasks, especially those with a high probability for a successful outcome, which IKEA's wordless, idiot-proof directions and elegant parts design pretty much guarantee. Isn't that so smart? Directions with no words? So they don't have to make different national versions?

So, we made like 80% of a dresser, and then went to Sully's for this very special event featuring Living Colour and other bands with dreadlocked musicians. We were seduced by the rather haunting melancholia of Coulon, and later impressed to see the same singer with her hard rock band, Red Lotus. Heavy funk collective Earth Driver incorporated an array of styles, and featured an amazing guest vocalist for a couple tunes who did everything from throat singing to rap and chanting.
The main event of course was a set by Living Colour. We were surprised to hear Living Colour brazenly bust out their biggest hit (“Cult of Personality”) first, but it was a thrill to see a song which is so permanently etched in our pop cultural memory come to life and exceed all expectations. We don’t wish to bore with indulgences into music journalese – suffice to say, the new, unknown songs sounded just as terrific, the band appeared to be having a blast, and we are particularly in love with vocalist Corey Glover's big voice and giant smile and Vernon Reid’s hilarious facial expressions between bouts of glorious shredding. We are psyched to see the band have a tour coming up with CT and MA stops, and will be sure to be there.

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