Thursday, August 27, 2009

Saturday Night Penis Envy

GIRTH plays this Saturday at Sully's in scenic Hartford. Apparently it's their "first show in awhile". We don't really know what caused the hiatus, but we guess we should all jump on this rare opportunity to watch these guys do whatever it is that they do. Despite the douchey band name, this should probably be a good time. These guys are pretty hilarious and we're hoping their witty stage banter alone will be worth the trip. From what we can decipher from their myspace page, GIRTH plays some kind of jamrock. We're pretty neutral on the genre, but from what we've sampled they aren't as directionless as they could be. They should find themselves at home at Sully's which often indulges in the narcissistic freestyling of local jam bands. Most of the band grew up in the HC (Hartford County), so this might be more of a reunion than a concert, but either way, we're willing to brave the tikibar to see how GIRTH measures up. (ha)

The show is Saturday, August 29th at 10pm. Broken Glow opens. Cover is an unfortunate $7.

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