Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dining: Max Burger

Wow, we are so happy to have discovered the GlutenFreeVeganCT blog, and think it's an interesting coincidence that the GlutenFreeVegan is blog-friends with our real-life friend Couture Carrie's blog. Maybe we secretly know the GlutenFreeVegan in real life too!

But anyway, we were so happy to read GFVCT's review of Max Burger in West Hartford and find out that they cater to our special dietary needs (gluten free). Today we had burgers - with buns! Which were made from rice flour, tapioca and starch of some kind instead of wheat flour, and tasted just fine, much more convincing than any gluten-free bread alternatives we've found in grocery stores to date.

We are not vegan, so we went for the beef, and tried the Blackjack burger (w/ pepperjack cheese, onions, chiles and guacamole) and the InsideOut burger (w/ gorgonzola, bacon and onion). The burgers were juicy and huge and delicious. We subbed in sweet potato fries, because why be ordinary when you could be sweet? Especially at no extra charge - what a concept! The fries were perfect - crispy on the outside, gushy on the inside, and nice and clean and bright looking. I hate it when restaurants upcharge for bullshitty little things like fry substitutions or seltzer refills, so thank you very much Max Burger for being reasonable. You could eat there for as little as $8 (pre-tip) if you stick with a "small" burger and drink water.

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