Friday, August 7, 2009

Vampire Weekend

No, we don't mean the band, though they seem nice, and we're willing to check out just about anything vampire that isn't Twilight. We weren't immediately enamored with HBO's True Blood, with it's terrible southern accents, and over-the-top characters who play out like caricatures... but we stuck around because Vampire Bill was so hot. And now we are. Enamored, that is. If we don't have anything more exciting to do, we're sure to catch new episodes as they air Sunday nights. But of course you can catch them "on demand" with your fancy cable or the million other times per week the episode is sure to air.

Now we find ourselves blissfully burdened with an embarrassment of vampire television riches via the introduction of Being Human to BBC America (fancy cable). Being Human airs Saturday nights (and is also available on demand, etc.). Sexy Vampire Mitchell lives with adorable ghost Annie and socially inept werewolf George, and there's going to be some kind of grand conflict with humanity, but the trio's personal charm alone would be quite enough to keep us watching. As far as we know, the Brit accents are not terrible, but we took Spike at face value all those years, so what do we know?

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