Sunday, August 9, 2009

Morning Ritual

We can't even begin to think about "facing the day" (hard day of doing nothing and attending party on deck on this occasion) until we've juiced (fruits and vegetables, not steroids, silly). Our hot vegan friend turned us on to juicing several months ago and we are officially hooked. We have a cool vintage Oster juicer, check it out. You probably can't get one just like it, but the vegan strongly endorses the Power Juicer.

Our signature drink includes carrots, celery, apple, red beet, ginger and lemon.

You're all: "Red beet! Really?" Really. The beet's wikiindicates a bunch of excellent nutritional/medicinal properties, but we don't mind admitting a largely superficial attachment to the brilliant color it imparts.

Fresh juice is not only delicious and refreshing - the process makes all the fruit and vegetables' calories and vitamins and nutrients more readily available for your body by filtering out all that indigestible fiber. Of course, now you're missing out on all that fiber, so be sure and keep some intact veggies in your diet too. You know you know what fiber's for.


  1. For a more masochistic experience, include cabbage and other cruciferous friends. They're good for the butt pipe.