Saturday, March 13, 2010

Queer Central: Teh Gayz @ CCSU

Revealed: The Tradition of Male Homoerotic Art @ CCSU Galleries, New Britain

"Some of our best friends are gay" and we have totally heard of Tom of Finland (who additionally appeals to Katie Scenic's Scandinavia fetish), so we're definitely psyched about this retrospective exhibition of male homoerotic art at Central Connecticut State University (a school not normally known for its hipness or edge, other than producing stellar graduate KS). We plan to attend the opening reception this Thursday, March 18 (4:30-8:30 pm), and expect to experience warm, tingly sensations (not just from the wine - wine! at school!), identify content for our "penis i see" tag, and run into KS's favorite CCSU professors, who just happen to be gay, so they better represent, yo.

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