Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Birthday, Darrell "Sully" Sullivan (of Sully's, duh)

Today is Darrell "Sully" Sullivan's birthday, so we extend our best wishes to the owner of one of our favorite bars, Sully's Pub, which has provided the setting for social retardation, great music, terrible music, Long Island ice teas in a pint glass, and employment at various points over the past decade.

Tonight you can catch him and his band, Tongue and Cheek, performing at Sully's, you know, in between checking out that Hartford Hardcore art thingie and Al from the Pist at Wrench in the Works and everything else you're all psyched about this weekend. We think it's pretty cool that Darrell started singing with a band "late(r) in life," after all that hanging around with musicians and running a venue. You can also usually catch Darrell (and sometimes Jackie Scenic & friends) performing at Sully's Wednesday karaoke nights.

Here's Darrell performing at his B-Day last year:

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