Monday, February 1, 2010

This Friday: Sophie's Choice Starring Hartford Scene Sluts*

Friday, Feb 5:

Coulon's Rozz Nash-Coulon

Oh dear, which Hartford area keyboard hottie are you going to choose this Friday? Will it be southern rock inflected Matt Zeiner, or eclectic intellectual Andre Balazs? Since both of these guys have been exposing themselves on stage quite a bit lately, we suggest the Sully's gig, which features NYC-based friends of Doug Wimbish Coulon as headliner, and offers a cool, sexy, melancholic, black chick-fronted antidote to this scourge of moody white suburban guys.

We enjoyed Coulon at last summer's Wimbash and again at a headlining gig, also at Sully's, last fall. We're a little disappointed to note that their previously reported on plans for a living room "salon" tour haven't played out in our area, but what the hell, Sully's may as well be our living room.

*And by "sluts" we mean "all of you," not just the loose women.

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