Friday, February 12, 2010

CT Science Center: Heartbreaker

We've lately been seduced all over again by all the Liquid Lounge's sexytalk on the Facebook and the promise that all of our coolest friends would be there, so we decided to give this event another chance. And while we ultimately managed to have a rather hilarious, fun time for ourselves, this was very much in spite of the Liquid Lounge establishment, which went out of it's way to kill our hard-earned buzzes in every way.

It's been a long, unpleasant week, so our first order of business upon arrival was of course to procure drinks. This proved to be almost prohibitively complicated. First you have to stand in an epic line to purchase drink tickets, then go somewhere else and stand in another line to buy a drink with your ticket.
Then there is the matter of food. We are strongly of the belief that if you have payed for admission and are paying for booze already, that there should be some free munchies going around. But noooo. At the Science Center, you have to pay and pay.

We can't help but compare this to our actual favorite party, the Creative Cocktail Hour, where we pay for admission and drinks, but they feed us delicious snacks for nothing. That's how it's done, Science Center.

Those are our biggest complaints. Other problems are that the setting just isn't that hip. The lights are too bright, the colors gaudy, the exhibits a little to kiddie-oriented for our amusement, even when we've been drinking, at which point we generally become our own amusement. Here is a guy playing with some thing:

Here are some people dancing "fiery salsa":

Yeah, sexy baby.

Here is a stripper (we assume?) cleaning up her "exercise pole":



We aren't just complaining on the internet though. We filled out some comment cards about "the situation."

Highlight of the event: definitely the Absente shots - available for $1 cash! Instant buzz, everything forgotten. Until just now.


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  2. I dunno. Compared to San Francisco's Science Museum "event night," which costs $25, has no free drinks or free food, a "dj" who's only qualified because he's willing to wear neon tights in public, a bunch of self-satisfied hipsters (compared to Hartford's rather sheepish hipsters, am I right?), this sounds pretty okay. The SF museum also LEAVES ITS OPEN-AIR, USUALLY HEAVILY GUARDED ANIMAL CAGES OPEN, so it's not unlikely that some drunk midwestern chick will spill her fruity drink into the albino alligator den or onto some Russian tortises or whatever.

  3. They can probably have free drinks and food but it would be like $50 or $100 each - which, let's face it, most people spend on a night out to a bar anyway...

  4. $1 Absente shots. 'Nuf said!