Wednesday, February 24, 2010

OK, Apparently it's Snuggie week

We've been enjoying Tisane's amusing posters featuring bartender/supermodel Chris Vincent (we totally know him) promoting a martini swilling/virgin sacrificing/karaoke party this Thursday night, Feb. 25. This must be the culmination of the "ugly sweater" thing they were pushing earlier this winter. Our attentive readers know that Jackie Scenic is a proud Snuggie owner and wearer (photographic evidence on the FB). Maybe she will take the stage there for a stirring rendition of some Lady Gaga, or something equally awesome, if such a thing exists.

But wait - there's more! This Saturday night, you can get your Snuggie and your drink on in West Hartford center for a Snuggie pub crawl. We've seen Snuggies, or maybe knockoffs going cheap at the likes of Walgreens and Ocean State Job Lot, so a wardrobe deficit will be no excuse for not participating.

Anyway, enjoy this not-so-fresh but still funny Snuggie parody one more time:

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