Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last night, Jackie Scenic ventured to the seedy Berlin turnpike. No, not for pay-by-the-hour motels, but for some family bowling. Bowl-o-Rama is just as loud, flourescent and foot-scented as you remember it. The place was full of greasy 16-year olds wearing "System of a Down" hoodies, some pretty hot MILFs with mullets, and we hadn't seen that many Harley Davidson t-shirts since Katie Scenic went to Sturgis.

The actually bowling part was about as fun as that sort of thing can be, and as I have given up alcohal for "lent", I tried to amuse myself with other beverages. First, two club sodas cost me $3.50 and the twenty minutes I spent waiting at the bar for the MIWNLF with mullet to pour them. Later, I desired something more caffeinated, and ventured to the "Snack Bar" for a Pepsi. A nice elderly couple (possibly the owners?) filled my order while I gazed at the "Caution: Microwave in Use" sign. The jukebox has some surprisingly good selections, although the teenagers tend to avoid them. My cousin played some Talking Heads and MJ's "PYT", and it made me feel alright.

We also played with my cousin's Flip Video camera, which was fucking awesome. That is definitely where my tax return will be going. Brace yourselves for some outlandish scenic videos, coming in April.


  1. I love 24 hour bowling.
    Unfortunately I am banned for life from here.

  2. got to go to Berlin Bowl across from the batting cages, AWESOME. cheap drinks, nice people and $13.00 each for 2 hours including shoes. woot~