Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hartford Advocate forgets RAW on Valentine's Day; Heartbreak Ensues

For those who care, or have conventionally minded dates to impress, the Hartford Advocate has published this list of Valentine themed things to do this weekend. Wrench in the Works' (pre)V-Day plans sound like a gay old time (like, gay-gay, btw, duh), and we're happy to see them getting some press. But we're baffled by the exclusion of Real Art Ways' Wince: Love Hurts anti-Valentine's day participatory event, at which attendees will share old love letters and other past "artifacts" or romance and heartache, from this rundown, since the Advo is their usual media sponsor and all. Sounds cathartic/hilarious/sad.

CT Scenic won't be in attendance at Wince or any of these - we'll be rocking out to the Murder City Devils in NYC, oblivious to this fake-o holiday silliness. But "an experiment in collective humiliation" sounds pretty great to us, so you all be sure and check it out. Since we won't be there to share, here is an artifact from Katie Scenic's angry myspace blog past, from V-Day 2006, or "can't-be-arsed-day."

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