Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CT Scenic giving up on CT (Music) Scene

There is basically no musical performer we are excited about coming to the state for, like, months. So we have to broaden our horizons, commit our paychecks to more worldly ventures... We're talking about going to NYC, of course - to see the Murder City Devils, who we were just getting all excited about all over again, thanks to iPod shuffling during a funny thing called exercise, and didn't even realize at first that they have reunited for gigs and (according to wikipedia) upcoming new music! OMFG

A few things we love about this band:

Singer sounds drunk, all the time.
Obsessed with sailors, truckers, drinking, life on the road, cheating, murder.
Organ lines (by hot punk chick Leslie Hardy) make this otherwise garage-y band sound epic, classic.
Giving us the lyric "subtle like a t-rex."

The Murder City Devils will perform at the Nokia Theatre Feb. 13, with something called Feral Children.

Here they are performing one of our favorite songs:

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