Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Very West Hartford Christmas

I celebrated Christmas this year in scenic WeHa.

Kosherland was kind of a bust. It was supposed to mimic Candyland, but there were no Kosher cards. You just spin the wheel and hop around on the board, stopping to visit Bubby and the Matzah Man. On the other hand, what was seemingly the most useless invention of 2009 has turned out to be quite a fruitful commodity. The Snuggie has already helped me through some tough times: I did a crossword puzzle, ate potato chips and harvested my Farmville crops, all while warm and clad in head-to-toe leopard print! Thank you, Scott Boilen, for all you've done for us.

I saw this thing at Westfarms. I'm scared to comment, because I'm not entirely sure what its supposed to be. Any thoughts?

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