Saturday, January 16, 2010

Variations in G (Guacamole, that is)

Inspired by my recent adventures in food service, and my current commitment to relatively healthy eating, I decided to experiment in the kitchen. Target: Guacamole. Which you basically can't screw up, since it involves no actual cooking and just smooshed avocados without any augmentation would taste fine. (This is the conspiracy of guacamole of course, which you pay top dollar for in restaurants, far above what you would shell out for simply smooshed avocados.)

You may have already read that I'm into juice; I also fancy myself something of a salad connoisseur. So I couldn't just make a simple traditional guacamole. I used three avocados and assorted other produce to make three creative guacs, or two creative ones and one standard, actually. All start from a base of avocado, lemon juice and fresh cilantro. Here is the "standard," which includes onion, tomato, pepper, and a touch of salt:

Behold the trio:

To the left is a "fruited" guacamole, made with mango and blackberries, for a sweeter interpretation, ripped off wholesale from West Hartford Center fancy Mexican restaurant Besito, where they make up fresh for you it tableside - isn't that neat? On the right is my personal invention, which I brought in the juicer for. I guess I just wanted to add some more interesting color to this little exercise. I juiced a small amount of red beet, lime and ginger, and then just poured it in. Pretty! With a bit of zing.
(That's the zing in there)

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  1. MMmmmm, fooood. I made guacamole for the people over here and THEY ASKED ME WHAT IT WAS. I also had to explain the notion of refried beans, quesadillas, and tamales! Madness, I say, madness! Your guac looks really good, except the idea of the beets made me throw up a little. Yech.