Friday, January 15, 2010

My Girlfriend Cancelled Our Date, or, Lady Gaga Tourdates Cancelled

CT Scenic was deeply saddened to hear of Lady Gaga's show cancellations/postponements. If you live under a rock (or in CT) and haven't heard, Lady Gaga collapsed last night before her scheduled Purdue University concert. Doctors diagnosed her with "exhaustion and dehydration" and advised her to rest for a few days. As a result, Sunday's Oakdale show has been cancelled and Monday's Mohegan Sun show has been postponed, date TBA. I guess this means Ms. Gaga will have to wait a little longer to make out with her favorite CT blogger. Don't worry LG, I'm worth it.

In other Gaga news, some weirdo photographer made tiny doll clothes of LG's outfits. More pics here.

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