Monday, January 25, 2010

A Lifetime Original: The Pregnancy Pact

If you've been watching Project Runway, and I assume you have, you have probably delighted in the onsalught of ads for Lifetime's newest masterpiece, The Pregnancy Pact. We can also assume that most of you had better things to do this weekend than actually watch such guilty pleasures. We, however, took one for the team... or rather, took two for the team, as we watched the PP double-feature last night. That's right. Once was not enough.

The movie is pretty much what you think it is. A dramatic and ridiculous account of the highschool pregnancy epidemic that hit Gloucester, MA in 2008. Apparently the film has sparked some internet debate over the many controversial topics covered in this instant-classic. Reproduction fans everywhere are asking the questions that the film fails to answer: How much of the story is true? Why did the girls make the pact? Where are they now? We were more concerned with a number of other queries: How do I know if my girlfriend is trying to have my baby? What happened to Thora Birch's career? When does the sequel come out???

Don't worry, there is another showing of The Pregnancy Pact tonight at 9pm!

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