Friday, January 1, 2010

Fairwell, sweet DWILF

Sexiest Dr. Who incarnation ever, David Tennant, appears as the Doctor for a final time in the special episode "The End of Time Part II," which airs on BBC America this weekend. I don't really know if I can watch anymore after that. Next Doctor Matt Smith is awfully young, and kind of funny looking, and not as nattily dressed. I have to look at shabby, awkward, unfit people every day IRL, so I get a little thrill when the TV puts something sexy in front of me - especially someone like the Doctor, who isn't just cute, but clever too (and witty and magical, etc.). As you can see from the picture (bottom center, as if that needed to be explained), Tennant is basically the only DWILF in the succession of actors to take on the role, at least in an official, cannonic capacity.

As I understand it, sexy Peter Cushing played a character named "Dr. Who" who wasn't exactly the Doctor in two movies. And, pardon my Star Wars fetish, yeah, I wouldn't mind receiving a little discipline from the Grand Moff.

The Doctor has been fleetingly portrayed in a special by the best of British Grants, Hugh and Richard E., who are both rather dashing in their own ways, and need to be in more and better films.

Anyway, BBC America is saying goodbye to to David Tennant all weekend long with Dr. Who marathons leading up to the special which airs tomorrow night at 8:30 & 11:30. Apparently Tennant has filmed a pilot for American television that sounds totally awful (a lawyer with panic attacks coaches his clients to defend themselves, ugh). Hopefully that won't get picked up and he can do something better. But then, this stupid culture made Monk a hit, so people will watch all kinds of inconceivably dumb crap about people with adorable disorders, won't they? Personally, I'd like to see him starring opposite myself in a mumblecore romance, or if that can't be arranged, as Withnail in a highly unnecessary shot-for-shot remake of Withnail and I, since this is the age of the highly unnecessary remake.

Meanwhile, enjoy this ridiculous tribute.


  1. Very sad that David Tennant will no longer be the Doctor :( I'm downloading part 2 right now.

  2. wot's downloading? i'll either watch it live or on demand later. i call that "cable lazy." well, hopefully he will do something excellent and non doctor soon.